Braviary Moveset Yahoo Dating

Im having trouble deciding what my sixth pokemon should be in white 2. My team so far will be samurott, electivire, braviary, aggron, and reshiram. Also any suggestions about my current team. Unfezant is walled by steels and rock. Types, while braviary can at least try to superpower them.
Here is a good moveset and item to put on zoroark. You should definetely get it to be chandelure. This can get the opponents pokemon. S accuracy go down one. Good dependable move against many different types, including bug, one of zoroark. Pokemon black dual type team need moveset help and 6th pokemon.
Strongwilled volcarona level. Likes to relax samurott level. Loves to eat umbreon level. For your arcanine make it a physical sweeper. Flare blitz thunder fang extreme speed overheat. I would personally go with iron tail.
Yahoo answers sign in. His moveset when im done will be. Aura sphere extreme speed dragon pulse braviary or siglyph i love both but i favor braviary. Yahoo 7 answers sign in mail. A good pokemon white 2 in game team. Jolteon thunderbolt shadow ball volt switch.