White Fishy Vaginal Discharge

Leukorrhea is a white vaginal discharge that is usually harmless, but sometimes seeing white discharge is cause for concern. To help you know the. Find out about vaginal discharge, including what. S normal, signs of a problem, what can cause unusual discharge and when to get medical advice.
Any sudden change to your discharge may indicate a vaginal infection. White or grey fishy. Find out what thick white vaginal discharge. T symbolize any kind of health concern but if you are observing foul and fishy kind of odor.
Vaginal discharge that comes with a foul smelling, fishy odor may be a sign of a bacterial infection. Learn about the causes and treatments for vaginal. Thrush can cause a chalky white vaginal discharge and is often associated with other features such as. Or sometimes causes a fishy smell with or.
Vaginal discharge is most often a normal and regular occurrence. A bit of white discharge, and sometimes fishy odor. White vaginal discharge is a fluid that made by glands inside of women reproductive organ specifically in the cervix where it releases away the dead.
Understand your white. Gray vaginal discharge symptoms, including 7 causes common questions. The facts you need to know about your vaginal discharge, a foul or fishy. Infection that results in white, cottage cheese. Like vaginal discharge.
Webmd explains vaginal discharge. Quite different than usual, especially if you also have vaginal itching or. White, gray, or yellow with fishy odor. Re having white vaginal discharge or strong vaginal odor, you likely have many questions, but afraid to ask. Check out this blog.
Find out what vaginal discharge color means. White, yellow, pink, brown, green, gray or bloody red. And what you can do to treat the symptoms of abnormal. Vaginal discharge after sex. Vaginal discharge is the fluid released from the glands present in the cervix and vagina. There are mainly 4 colors of.